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How Do You Use Our FREE Pictures?

Well, it’s pretty easy. We want you to be able to use ANY of our pictures to illustrate a story on your blog, newspaper, magazine, school assignment, project, or personal shrine to your fave project. So, on your desktop or phone just follow these simple instructions.

Not For Commercial Use

These Images are FREE To Use for Personal, Editorial or Educational purposes. They are NOT For Commercial Use. If you would like to use our images without the watermarks for editorial, educational or personal use then you can purchase them from SmugMug and download the digital asset even without signing up. Just click the blue "BUY" button. All downloads are a 1-year license for professional use. Any other questions please email: picturedesk@atlanticimages.uk

How To Use On Your Phone

Open up the image you want using a web browse. Then press down on the image and several options will appear. Either “Share image” across any of your apps or “Download image” to your device. You can also share the image clicking the small box with the arrow at the bottom right of the pic. It’s as easy as that! Just remember to tag us or credit www.TopHitPics.com or the gallery URL where you downloaded the Free image.

How To Use On Your Desktop

First of all you can drag the image off our website and on to you desktop. Easy as that!

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“Open Image In New Tab” opens the images in a new window. Then you can drag the image on to your desktop from there and upload to your website media dashboard or social media account.

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“Save Image As…” saves to your desktop or your download folder as a .jpg. Again, you can drag the image on to your desktop from there and upload to your website media dashboard or social media account.

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“Copy Image Address” is perfect to Embed on to your web post / story. See more details below.

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Then drag your chosen picture off our website onto your desktop OR double click the image to bring up a list of options.

You can also click on the text of the image and more options will appear to share the image. By clicking the share button this will open up 4 different sharing options including Photos sharing, Gallery sharing, Social sharing and Purchase sharing.

How To Embed An Image On Your Website / Blog

Using the “Open Image In New Tab” option cut and paste the url. Then use the “Insert From URL” box in the media section of your website. The image should magically appear! Make sure it starts with https: and ends with .Jpg to work properly. Remember NOT to cut and paste the URL from our Gallery page URL.

When writing your caption remember to mention where your pics came from! We don’t want to bang on, but crediting “TopHitPics” or putting - “More Free Images @ www.TopHitPics.com” really helps to tell people like you where they can get Free images from. Then in the “Link To” area cut and paste either https://www.TopHitPics.com or the Gallery URL where the image came from. 

DONATE + Help Us Deliver FREE Content

By giving away our images for FREE then publications, blogs, and people like yourselves, can now use our pictures without ANY hassle, take down notice, or legal threats. Phew! If you like what we’re doing then you can donate to our platform and HELP to keep it going by donating via Pay Pal: DONATE HERE

Please DO NOT STEAL or Stockpile Our Content

Oh and finally, these images are NOT for commercial use. All our images are owned by © Atlantic Images Ltd. No copying, redistribution, reselling or stockpiling. We work extremely hard to create original content and would like our rights and hard work to be respected. If you have any questions please email: legal@atlanticimages.uk

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